Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Time is our most valuable possession: we are The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life – Kindle edition by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd. Download it once and. The Time Paradox has ratings and reviews. it up because I’d watched some interviews with Philip Zimbardo about the Stanford Prison Experiment. 19 Aug Zimbardo and Boyd call this a paradox of time. Philip Zimbardo, one of the most known social psychologists, became famous for his Stanford.

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Sep 18, Amanda rated it really liked it. Partly as a result of this zimbrado partly due to my scientific disposition, I was more than a little disappointed with this book when it came time to actually read through it. Most of all, marvel at the wonder that eons of evolutionary paradx and all your unique experiences have joined to comprise the symphony that is YOU.

For an author able to write a bestseller, the expectations are higher. Now Zimbardo has turned to a less controversial, yet equally influential subject – time. I was a bit surprised not see an endorsement by Oprah.

I never considered how each person has a dominant time frame and how this perspective influences every decision in life. This is an organization schema which I find interesting, but a bit contrived. Jan 22, Carrie rated it did not like it. While learning that different attitudes towards the past, the present and the future influence our behaviour, our reactions an The second time I read a book by Zimbardo and certainly not the last! Mine was no surprise to me equally distributed between present and future orientation but it was fun to think about.


It discusses what a healthy balance is, offers inventories to check what orientation the reader predominantly has and then strategies to change zimbafdo tendencies. There are lots of other interesting points made in the book, but they are almost exclusively in the first half. Want to Read saving….

While I was struggling with a g I read this so long ago. We may be classified as predominantly: The model doesn’t try to be The Simbardo Truth, it is just a way to look at things and explain behaviors.

book review

Skip to main content. They authors spend a fair amount of time going into why this is a good time perspective, but their suggestions are, largely, consistent with common sense. The author spends much of the book discussing the importance of these time perspectives in influencing decisions and pointing out that many behaviors can be directly tied to one’s time attitude.

This book is written for a general audience. I liked the idea of a Transcendental future viewpoint, a view that there is more to this world than our current life time, either parradox the religious or philosophical sense leads to greater happiness.

I wish you all happy reading and a good Christmas time! There is an tne bibliography and index.

The Time Paradox | Book Praise

I was looking for the positive antidote to Zimbardo’s Lucifer effect, and since I’m a chronic procrastinator with ballooning anxiety issues, I figured unraveling the zkmbardo paradox so as to change my life wouldn’t be a bad place to start. The primary thesis is that how we think about time has an enormous influence on our lives. They would This book was full of good content that was lost in the presentation.


Since I can’t do anything to change it, might as well come around to it.

The authors further explore what has been learned to date about how to achieve a set of perspectives that seems most likely to help people become happy and successful. As one would expect, future oriented persons tend be the highest achievers and most successful by traditional metrics of accomplishment, while most of us can readily point out more than a few present-hedonists in our encounters who sacrifice the future to enjoy the here and now.

All of that only increases the appeal of a transcendental-future orientation. That may be the case sometimes, but accepting fate is completely different from being passive about it in most cases.

The Time Paradox | The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Even when I first got the book as a promotional itemI was suspicious of it. Three stars doesn’t reflect my overall enjoyment of the book. Furthermore, even within the religious and cultural paradigm that the authors grew up in white, wealthy, Christian, western countriesoversimplifications of subcultural distinctions abound.

In fact, the authors are excellently deft at backing up their assertions with the paradoxx of experiments or research they’ve conducted. Sep 30, Merilee rated it liked it. For instance, Zimbardo being of Italian descent briefly examines the differences between southern and northern Italy, and offers a disturbingly simplistic view on this complex relationship.