Nicolaas ‘Siener’ van Rensburg from South Africa ( – ). (From the book Words of a Prophet by Adriaan Snyman ). World Prophecies. Visions of. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek. SIENER VAN RENSBURG BOEK EBOOK – Full Text of South African Best Seller ” Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English.

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With all this accuracy about the future the Lord surely would convicted him that His kingdom is not about race? I can still hear the children crying.

Xolile said this on October 26, at 9: Later, Paul and others like him, would take the gospel of Jesus Sienwr to our ancestors in Europe. But this does not cancel my Christianity. His way of expressing himself is by first referring to some history from 7 the Boer War and how it came about that he became aware of his ability to foresee. The general immediately realised that Nicolaas had seen another vision, one that compelled him to undertake the tiring trip on horseback to speak to him.

During the night he suddenly 11 awoke, feeling a strange pressure in his head. After a while, they found him lying beneath a bush like a frightened child. After having rested at Nakab, singing, and giving thanks to God, we had to march to the German barracks at Nabas on 1st December. Google it and learn. Like Moses of Old, The terms laid down were: And while trekking through the Namib, conditions for the rebels became so critical at sirner stage that their tongues stuck to their palates, and out of sheer desperation they were compelled to slaughter some of the pack horses and drink their blood in order to survive.


Nicolaas did not attend Church and Holy Communion in July I see a Boer house in Pretoria — that is the place Steyn and General J. The church has become self focussed rather than God focussed and this is a cancer that will destroy the churches. Eventually they sign them and the flag is hoisted.

And as far as he walked, we could hear his sorrowful sobbing. rensbirg

Siener van Rensburg

I see flags hanging on short poles The image of fleeing women, and children in particular, rensbuurg still haunt him for many years afterwards. They were issued with provisions, which also included a ration of sugar — exactly as the Seer had said!

He explained it as follows: However, Cronje did not see his way out and all were taken prisoner, except Nicolaas van Rensburg and a few other men who escaped, risking their lives. He sees us receiving German Mausers in German West, but they have white points and he vam not know what it means. The uncertainty of future events become our focus instead of resting in Him. The two children accompanying the Seer and his wife began crying from hunger, but there seiner no time to stop and feed them.

That is not because I bek Zulus more but because Phumlani is truly following the Lord and my brother is not. I have not been practicing my faith in the Lord for many years now.

No, my dear friend, there is nothing missing. Only when this person had passed away, did he know the meaning of such a vision.

He is looking in our direction. Boer soldier Deneys Reitz ‘s account of the Boer War contains a colourful objective account of one of the seer’s predictions shortened: Debbie said this on January 21, at 9: Stay and we shall be deliverd the path of true peace and freedom. I quote some of them: Our fight is against rensbburg enemy wich is all those bodk does not believe that the only way is through the cross of Calvary, there we received our freedom of choice.


The old prophet described the events on the battlefields of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eye-witness.


He fits into this idea that the Afrikaaner is to be seperate from all other nations unto God to be ruled by God.

It happens that a white person is shown as black and vice versa. I sometimes right poems and regards this kind of inspiration as something similar: And for the first time since my childhood I heard the suener words: In the early church, there were pastorS, elderS, teacherS, deaconS but no renwburg pastor in charge as we see today.

Look to Him and fear rensbjrg. I then had an ulcerated hand and was hospitalized at Boshoff. They have a master copy of all books in print. If they seem to be correct, then we should consider what they say.

It was not only the densburg of Judah but the entire nation that were exiled and the entire nation returned to their land.

She said she remembered her father saying that the country which will win the war in the far future Third World War would have to have Germany as an ally. They are South African troops and are firing at our enemies.