6 Oct Working of Scuderi split cycle engine. How Scuderi engine achieves a high compression ratio?. 16 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one. 12 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one.

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Working principle of Scuderi split cycle engine | Mecholic

The Otto cycle design convention calls for combustion just before top dead center BTDC in order to allow combustion pressure to build. If you cannot describe to me, without looking it up, how a Pescara engine worked, please restrain your comments about my understanding scuderi split cycle engine engines.

Having failed to change the world, he went into real estate bah! Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine Obtaining Better Combustion Consistency Under Low Load When One Crossover Passage Is Shut Off 23 June When operating under low load conditions, the scuderi split cycle engine ultimately the efficiency—of the Scuderi Engine prototype increases, and becomes more repeatable from cycle to cycle, when one of the scuderi split cycle engine crossover passages is shut off thereby effectively doubling the pressure in the single open crossover passagetesting by Southwest Research Institute SwRI has shown.

The Scuderi split cycle engine Engine divides the four strokes of a combustion cycle between two paired cylinders — the left cylinder functions as an air compressor, handling intake and compression, while the right cylinder handles combustion and exhaust.

The power cylinder performs combustion and exhaust. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Timeline of heat engine technology. In tests of the prototype running at near idle load and speed i.

These are investors who had the insight to be part of a this advanced technology and were not afraid to back it up with there hard earned dollars. Future will tell but they will have to show really strong benefits to convince cars manufacturers. OPOC is turbocharged wherein exhaust energy can further be captured. The cylinder wall must be cooled or your lubricant will burn up, in any engines. We have had several schemes to do that at low loads, low pressure GreenPlease 24 June at The OPOC layout is not new, in 2 or 4 cycle.


It’s not just about the Scuderi’s personally but more like the Scuderi family which also includes all investors. Would the OPOC engine take it too? The tourengine is comparable to the OPOC in design. The cool intake air goes right past the piston crown into the cylinder while the exhaust gas, which is already hot,goes sideward out of the cylinder without much contact with the piston crown.

Your comment has been posted. Anyway, it is scuderi split cycle engine. Studies are underway at the lab that will soon show impressive results of the Scuderi scuderi split cycle engine engine modelled in a Nissan Sentra.

Working principle of Scuderi split cycle engine

What is the advantage of the tourengine, again? No heat scudeir from the compressing cylinder? Add this engine to a better slip-stream body, and we could well see triple the current mileage.

Name is required to post a comment. You lack an understanding the new “Scuderi Cycle”, the thermodynamics properties that are present in this new technology and the efficiencies gained when the engine is run in the air-hybrid mode.

Roger Pham 23 June at Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment. OPOC has no heat loss to the cylinder head, since there is no cylinder head.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I doubt if you find there scuferi valued engineering substance www. Firing ATDC in a split-cycle arrangement is claimed to eliminate the losses resulting from recompressing the gas. Laugh scuderi split cycle engine sneer as you will … but until you really learn about this particular engine improvement … you might want to NOT embarrass yourself too much just yet.


Or perhaps we can see that the Scuderi engine is just a piston scuderi split cycle engine of a jet engine and just go with the Capstone turbines. In one, cylinder intake and compression occur while combustion and spllt take place in the other.

It is like grade school kids or teachers believing in socialism. ToppaTom 27 June at Perhaps, if you “read” the article, you would see that this press release discusses the “tests of the prototype running at near idle load and speed”. I think Henry understands this “technology” quite well, even amidst the BS that comes from Scuderi. The Scuderi, OPOC, tourengine and many others offer advantages but, unless there is some breakthrough, it is unlikely these technologies have been “overlooked”.

scuderi split cycle engine

Looking at their patents, it would appear easy to build a prototype engine to demonstrate efficiency. The pistons fire scuceri other revolution, while the Scuderi engine fires every revolution. The computer simulation does scuderi split cycle engine fine, I am sure. What the company says it has come up with is a design — featuring Miller-like valve control strategies, extended expansion and turbocharging — that enables maximum levels of power and torque while reducing the rate of fuel consumption and engine size.

In the standard configuration conforming to the schematic above it could use actually one less valve per cylinder pair than an Otto scuderi split cycle engine. The graph shows how the heart of the engine has changed. Consistent with conventional four-stroke engine designs, the combustion cycle of the Scuderi Engine has two high-pressure strokes — compression and power, and two low-pressure strokes intake and exhaust.