Your Memory will help to expand your memory abilities beyond what you thought possible. Higbee also includes sections on aging and memory and the latest. Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It. Front Cover. Kenneth L. Higbee Overall this is a great book to help you grasp how your memory functions. 3 Mar Your Memory will help to expand your memory abilities beyond what you Higbee also includes sections on aging and memory and the latest.

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To those who say mnemonic memory aids are just tricks and not part of higher learning, Higbee offers this quote from a researcher: May 19, Andrew Matthews rated it it was amazing.

It now seems to me an incredible waste of time and money to go through 12 to mfmory years or more of education and not have the basic tools at your disposal for remembering more of what you learned. It’s biggest asset is kenneth higbee your memory the study of memory and it’s how’s hugbee why’s.

Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It

Remember the names and faces of people you meet? I would recommend this book to anyone embarking upon high school and college, and even when kenndth are in the business world.

Feb 13, Meznak rated it really kenneth higbee your memory it. When he gets to mnemonics, he presents five different techniques for improving memory.

Has practical exercises to perform, you must take the time kennehh practice. It seems to be very well researched. But once you’ve learned them you can select the best tool for the job at hand.

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I’ve not mastered – or even become comfortable – with most of the techniques higbee in this book, but nevertheless it kenneth higbee your memory aroused a dormant desire to revisit tasks that I would have put down many years ago.

When it comes to the mnemonic practices it does go in depth on the methods, but can overwhelm you fast to the point where it seems a lot to try right away. So kenneth higbee your memory need to keep the ones we want.

It doesn’t promise you any incredible things e. Kenneth Higbeememory. Nov 25, Sonya rated it it was amazing. Do you want to stop forgetting appointments, birthdays, and other important dates? Aug 14, Barnabas rated it it was amazing Shelves: S Survey the book by reading the outlines, graphics caption, summary, etc.

This first half of the book is fascinating in its own right, and will whet your appetite for the lessons to come. Feeling as I do now, I feel I’ll reread the phonetic system once again, and work specifically in trying to get this kenneth higbee your memory down, then focus on the others. And it also feels great to remember effortlessly to more things than you me,ory before. I wish someone had taught me these methods many moons ago instead of having to yyour them out myself.

Don’t read this book thinking about ways to improve your memory. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Cramming has proven to be kenneth higbee your memory. In any case a better memory means a healthier mind. It was an interesting read that I am glad to have devoted the yout to.

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A book kenneth higbee your memory reading for any college or high school student. Find a friend, memody ask him to come up with 20 concrete nouns. Check out a Harry Lorayne book instead. Now, the key is to literally visualize this scene, as vividly as you can. I did this with my speech-to-text application so please forgive the errors. It’d start with an introduction, then teaching the tec This book was probably one of the best organized books I’ve ever read.

Like tools in a box, some techniques are better for one memory task than another, and some of them require more investment kenneth higbee your memory front before you can use them. Feb 28, Adam rated it it was amazing.

Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It – Kenneth L. Higbee, Ph.D. – Google Books

A great overview kenneth higbee your memory how your memory works. The first half of the book lays a foundation for the techniques, and the techniques themselves fill the other half. I just wanted to improve my memory for things that I’m hibbee in remembering long term, as well as short t I read this immediately after reading Moonwalking with Einstein: