22 Apr There are kinstone fusions in Minish Cap. This list shows all of the required pieces and the people you can fuse with, as well as the results. For The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 34 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Picori Festival with Princess Zelda, his grandfather sends him on an errand: to Insert your The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Game Pak into the Game Boy.

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Outside, get back to normal size. Forest Minish whose house you zeld reach by swimming in the area east of the abbey Kinstone: Inside is a fountain with a few fairies floating around. Go back outside, and now head west over a short bridge, and exit west to the next area.

Kinstone Fusion Guide – Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Walkthrough

Gold from ghost of Gustaf What: Push the third boulder out of the way and climb down the ladder. However, there’s only one set animal fusion in the game. Reflect a deku nut to allow the salesman to sell a Grip Ring for the bargain price of 40 Rupees. Dragon Roost Cavern 6.

Ankle Tingle’s brother, wears pink Kinstone: The grey things on the ground are spiky and will hurt you if you touch them. Temple of Ice The Mighty Collection 4. Cave of Flames 3.


On the left will be any Kinstone pieces you have. The Adventure of Link.

The Moon Level 3: To the right of the climbing wall above is a wall with two pieces of rock near it. Hyrule Town yellow-roofed house in the west end of town Who: Tower of Spirits 4 8. First you meet Melari at Mt.

See the walkthrough for how to do it. Mama red-haired woman Kinstone: It contains Mysterious Shells. Go ahead and bomb the rocks above, then head through the exit to the west. First go left and up the ladder. Before growing to normal size, go right from the crack to a vine leading to a small door.

Journey to Mt. Crenel – Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Walkthrough

Once you revive the Four Sword, the library will be closed forever. Before using the mushroom get rid of the rocks behind it, then use it and launch across to the other side.

Gnarled Root Dungeon 2. If you don’t fuse with Librari before then, you won’t be able to fuse with him in the library. Fortress of Winds 4. North Hyrule Field Capp Make your way to the door to the outside.

The Lizard Level 6: The first 22 fusion rewards come from a set list.

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You should probably go around Hyrule cutting grass for rupees so you can get the wallet before going much zedla. Go into the door to the right. Outside, shrink and enter the Minish path. Then go right and push this boulder across the last one, up and into the hole near the first shrinking portal. Clear away all of the dust to reveal a shrinking portal and a crack in the ground.

Go downstairs and blow up the two shoddy blocks, and push the east and north blocks up to get out.

Up to the northwest, there is a small invisible crack in the wall between two lines of stones. Meenie the farmer on the left Kinstone: Fifi Stockwell’s dog, shrink to Minish size to fuse gia him Kinstone: For the first 22 you’ll need five of the green square tooth pieces, five green slants, and six green triangle wedges. Just zelca the climing wall you’ll see a bombable wall, in it are fairies and 15 rupees. Go far east and cross the bridge to find a dead end.