Amok has 30 ratings and 0 reviews. Z pewnością w polskojęzycznej literaturze nie było jeszcze takiej pozycji. Jej nielinearna narracja, bezpardonowość, u. 11 Feb David Grann writes about Krystian Bala, a Polish intellectual accused of He began to work intensively on “Amok,” which encapsulated all his. 6 Sep In his debut novel Amok, Polish author Krystian Bala describes the torture and murder of a young woman whose hands are bound behind.

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But police were unable to make progress in their investigation, and six months later they shelved the case.

Stranger than fiction | Books | The Guardian

But they might also have noted – as police officer Jacek Wroblewski did – the vivid description of the murder of a young woman called Mary, tied up in almost exactly the same way as Janiszewski, stabbed with a Japanese-made knife and left to die.

After having his patience tested for several years, Detective Wroblewski is finally able to get his hands on the suspect. There are answerless questions still. He has been kept in an metre-square cell with up to seven other men, with one hour’s outside exercise a day. It is hard to ask them what they make of their son’s first published novel, which features a lurid scene involving one character sleeping with his own mother. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it.

He refuses to address the evidence stacked up against him, dismissing the case as a giant police conspiracy to dismantle his right to freedom of expression.


Krystian Bala

A murder must be judged on evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt. Retrieved from ” https: Janiszewski’s body — stripped to a shirt and underwear — was discovered in the Oder River on Dec. One of the main pieces of circumstantial evidence against Bala was his own book, in which an eerily similar murder was committed by the protagonist. The Polish courts drew a different conclusion.

It was as if Bala had written a fictional version of the real-life killing in his novel. Apparently, Bala created a forum for the novel and had discussions with his readers under the pseudonym Bla. Krystian Bala’s own narrative has yet to reach its conclusion.

He eventually realizes that the victim’s bank cards were never used again after his murder.

The details of the murder matched those of Janiszewski almost exactly. Open Preview See a Problem? The most glaring difference: The judge, Lidia Hojenska, further admitted that it was unlikely Bala had acted alone – Janiszewski was 6ft 3in and broadly built. Krystian Bala is now serving his sentence in prison.

True Crimes: The Unbelievable Story Of A Killer Who Revealed All In His Novel

According to a judge’s ruling this week in the western Polish city of Wroclaw, Bala was drawing not on his imagination for that scene, but on his own experience. Amok did not sell particularly well when first published by Bala’s friend, despite the enticing cover catch-line that it was intended ‘for adults only’.


Krystian Bala born is a Polish writer and photographer.

He would fall asleep as a child with the book on his chest and his glasses krystkan down his face. She believes the killing was a warning against an investigation she was conducting into the suspicious death of the 22nd Earl of Erroll, whom she believes was killed by the British intelligence services.

InGrann’s article was optioned to be made into a movie by Focus Films.

Seventeen years, to be exact. I t seems curious, given the circumstances, that Krystian Bala should feel the need to be polite. It would culminate in Janiszewski’s brutal death and the bizarre retelling of his gruesome murder, three years later, in a thinly veiled work of fiction. Yael Ans rated it qmok liked it Aug 08, In court, much was made of Bala’s apparent superiority complex.

They later met in a motel. Jennifer JoAnne rated it liked it Aug 27, The people who did this have still not been found. Stuart Taylor rated it did not like it Mar 12, In Wroclaw jail, a grim neo-Gothic building containing a jumbled maze of oak staircases and dingy, linoleum-lined corridors, the bespectacled Bala looks strangely out of place.