On Being a Pagan Alain de Benoist Preface by Stephen Edred Flowers Translated by Jon Graham Edited by Greg Johnson ULTRA Atlanta, Georgia Ultra. 5 Mar “On Being a Pagan” by Alain de Benoist. Identifier OnBeingAPagan. Identifier-ark ark://tq56g. Ocr ABBYY FineReader Ppi 23 Jun On Being a Pagan by Alain de Benoist (PDF – MB): On Being a Pagan – Alain de Benoist Note: This is the complete book by Alain.

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But the difference is that, pgan the first case, we are dealing with a father whose nature is entirely distinct from that alain de benoist on being a pagan his sons, whereas in the second it purely and simply involves the sublimated projection of human paternity.

He is ready to defend the right of people to see themselves in the gods of their choice — on condition, of course, that this right be extend- ed equally back to him.

Psgan is not the immanent duality of the world as is found in Iranian Alain de benoist on being a pagan, no opposes a good God to an evil God, a God of Light against a God of Darkness.

A curse that, from one end of the scriptures to the benoost, is expressed in the words- ‘I will destroy The hypothesis I am maintaining here is that the religion of the Bible’s essential effect, if not express intention, was the obstruction of man’s capability of putting into full operation the powers of freedom and creative autonomy that arise from human- ization itself, powers that were “reinforced” on the historic plane by the Neolithic revolution and the appearance of the great cul- tures.

The “past” necessarily participates then with that characteristic of human consciousness known as temporality, which is neither the “quantity of measur- able time,” as alain de benoist on being a pagan commonly assumed today, nor the duration evoked by Bergson, which is the property of non-human nature — temporality belongs to man alone.

And Yahweh said, ‘I will wipe from the face of the earth the men I have created'” Genesis 6. This is the role of Judeo-Christian monotheism: There are no absolutes when it comes to criticism.

The book is comprised of 26 essays contrasting the Jewish and Christian religions, ethics and morality with those of Indo-European culture and their implications. There is but one Absolute, and this Absolute is God, which is uncreated, without genesis or becoming and ontologically sufficient unto itself.


In many respects, the ideology underlying Judeo-Christian monotheism has become secularized. In this small masterpiece, the great French thinker Alain de Benoist claims that only the pagan deities of ancient Europe offer a spiritual recourse to the present religious malaise.

The uni- verse is the sole being and there cannot be any others. During Tertullian’s time this was a widespread attitude among the Christians hence the 31 32 Alain de Benoist reproaches of Latin authors, who accused Christianity of address- ing only the illiterate. To believe in God does not necessarily imply that it is a personal God.

From the attempts to restore solar worship under the Illyrian emperors notably under Aurelius, thanks to the support of Plotinusand from those undertaken later by the Emperor Julian, it has alain de benoist on being a pagan a constant inspiration.

What possible gods might these figures fore- see passing through the world that surrounds them and connects them to their own lack of fulfillment? Alain de benoist on being a pagan know that Paul’s success brought an end to this historical Judeo-Christianity.

On Being a Pagan

It pro- ceeds from the being of the cosmic man, his body, his gaze, his word and his consciousness. On Olympus, says Heraclitus, “the gods are immortal men, On Being alain de benoist on being a pagan Pagan 33 whereas men are mortal gods; our life is their death and our death their life. Does the expression tse- lem- ‘elobim have a physical or spiritual meaning?

One of the names attributed to him in the Bible, chadday, often translated as “the All-Powerful,” is interpret- ed in Judaism as “He who tells the world enough” cheamar leokmto dm.

Alain de Benoist | Biography, Philosophy and Facts

In her The Man with the Statues: These are the questions I ask myself in this essay, which is primarily a personal reflection — a reflection on a subject that is heartfelt and about which my feel- ings have evolved — and on which I hope they will continue to evolve.

We all know what happened. It is then easy to see how this problematic is modified in Christianity with the idea of a son who is consubstantial with the father, and who takes upon himself, by virtue of embodiment, the original sin in order to save humanity. The great deeds of human beings alain de benoist on being a pagan only aggrandize humans but also aggrandize the gods.

In both cases, “liberation” is tied to man’s capacity. Creator and Father Christian authors did not fail to emphasize that in Yahweh’s eyts the created world was “good. Whether spirit and matter, consciousness and unconsciousness, inert and living, day and night, white and black, good and evil, or active and passive, it is merely a question of opposition between complementary and alain de benoist on being a pagan elements, which exist only in relation to each other.


This is another area where I am at odds with most of my contemporaries. Now Yahweh has nothing but hatred for “brick makers,” for a humanity still drawn to declaring: Freud and the Hidden Fault of the Father, Marie Balmary — while analyzing the matter from a strictly orthodox Freudian perspective — provides a convincing argument that Oedipal theory can be interpreted as the result of the son’s “repression” of a transgression committed by the father.

All of which would lead him to provide this definition of paganism: In fact, the only way to “succeed” a father whose place cannot be taken, is to kill him. When it is struck, all other cities are struck with it And his speci- ficity does not derive from biology or “nature” but from what in him cannot be found in any other living being. In a neighboring domain, a researcher like Gilbert Durand, for whom all society is “axiomatically polytheistic and more or less quadrifunctional,” argues for an “ethics of pluralism” which would also be an ethics of “profundity”based on a desire “which its own grandeur defines as plural, and the plurality of which can only be guaran- teed by the hierarchical principle alain de benoist on being a pagan difference,”” alain de benoist on being a pagan Michel Maffesoli, also rallying to the cause of a “polytheism of values” evoked by Max Weber, 25 defines paganism as “that very thing which by acknowledging reality’s polytheistic nature, teaches one how not to bow down before the ‘force of history’ or its various avatars and substitutes.

To borrow an expression I used earlier, he is beniost an “incestu- ous” attachment toward the earth. One may accept or reject this reading; it is a subject for debate. Sighthor rated it really liked it Feb 15, That is because it is alain de benoist on being a pagan other cities what the land of Israel is to other lands: Without the world, God would still be equal to himself.

The gods, who gave form and organization to the world, were visualized on the model of men, who made them their mythical ancestors and ideal models.